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Coffee please!

There are those little rituals that seem to have become a habit in my daily studio practice. On autopilot I repeat them and over the months and years they have changed into something meaningful and personal. One of these rituals is drinking coffee! This warm dark drink is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, ranging from being a basic gesture of hospitality, a go to drink in social settings and an integral component at the workplace.

Why coffee?

In my case, I don’t drink coffee to increase my energy levels. Alas, I don’t benefit from its stimulant to feel more alert because a few years ago I had switched to decaffeinated. Yet although I’m no longer after that energy boost, I still look forward to have my daily intake and this is why.

I really love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It reminds me of busy coffee shops and I generally associate these places with work and inspiration. I had many opportunities to work from beautiful coffee shops, both locally and in other countries, and the buzzing energy always felt so inspiring. I get immersed into my own world and just focus on the work in front of me. It enables me to zone in and let my creativity flow. So, the smell of coffee on my desk in the studio instantly takes me to these places of productivity and prepares me to switch to a productive mode. I respond to coffee by associating it with a time to focus.

I also associate coffee with cosy places like libraries and bookshops. I could spend hours going through books sitting comfortably on some eclectic armchair at a bookshop, or in some cosy reading nook at a library. And the bonus is that generally this is rewarded by coffee breaks! In fact, my favourite bookshops, particularly the ones I have visited abroad, are those that incorporate coffee shops within their open spaces, where it is encouraged to take a pile of books to leaf through until you find what you like. This is of course whilst enjoying a fresh brew.

Making it personal

The ritual of making coffee can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. You could go from grinding beans all the way to brewing them. You could otherwise opt for quicker alternatives. A vast array of appliances is available to suit your personal preferences and the choice of coffee tastes is extensive. It is good to change things up and vary between rich, or chocolatey or more fragrant options. Also, I find that investing in new drinkware can really transform your coffee experience. Having your favourite cup and saucer, or mug, can instil a nice feeling. The choice of shape, colour, pattern and thickness of the material are subjective and very personal. Whatever you choose for yourself should make your drinking experience a positive and uplifting one! On grey wintery days I just love to enhance this experience by lighting candles to create a cosy and welcoming ambience in my studio.

Forget me not!

One interesting fact I must mention is that oftentimes my coffee ends up cold and not drunk! Yes I’m guilty of that! I tend to forget to drink my coffee now and again because I get so lost in what I’m doing in the moment. At lease my coffee-scented studio space would have worked its magic and got me right in the zone of productivity and helped me focus!

And here it goes again! I’m here looking at my mug, still full and already cold! Well, it is summer after all and a cold brew is equally enjoyable! Let me go top it up with some ice cubes! 😊

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